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Live in Romford & need to scrap your car? 

    Scrap My Car Romford

    Do you have a car that you need to scrap in Romford? Well you have found the right company! Scrap My Car Romford Offers a premium service to its customers aiming to give the best scrap price possible. 

    Its also possible that we could give you more money then you would get from a local scrap yard in Romford. 

    scrap car romford

    You may be thinking “my car has damage”. We collect scrap cars in any condition, Actually our saying is ” any age , any condition we will collect it” It speaks for its self. So if you have had an accident or your car is at the end of its life. Give Us A Call and we will be able to help you out with the removal of your scrap car in Romford. 

    The 3 Simple Steps

    Step 1: Get In Contact with Us. There are many way this can be done here are the best ways: 

    1. Phone Us at (01708 871590)

    2. Fill out a form at top of page, we will get back to you within an hour.

    3. Email us at

    Step 2: Arranging Collection.One of Romford drivers will come and collect your scrap car at a time and date agreed via phone. We offer free collection and do not trick our customers into silly fees. All our drivers are professional and can legally scrap cars in Romford

    Step 3: After , we can either sell your car to a right full owner if in good condition. Secondly we could sell parts and make our money that way. The most common is running the scrap car into a authorised treatment facility near Romford. 

    Why Choose Scrap My Car Romford?

    30 Years Of Experience – We have lots of experience compared to newer companies, so we know what we are talking about

    Best Prices Paid – we pay competitive prices to other companies in the Romford area.

    Free No Obligation Quote – Fill out a form with no ties to it.

    No Hidden Fees – There are some companies in the Romford area that will try and trick you into paying silly fees. As we said we aim to give the best price possible.

    Cash Paid On Collection – We can pay cash when we collect your scrap car if you like or alternatively you can be payed through bank transfer or another payment method. 

    Environmentally friendly – We take the environment in mind when disposing of a scrap car at a local authorised treatment facility. 


    What Documents Do I Need?

    You will need to have the V5 Document at hand when we collect your scrap car. Please let us know before we arrive if there is documents missing. This may affect the price you get as it makes it in convenient for our driver. 

    How Much Will I Get For Scrapping My Car?

    This can depend between vehicles, but you will likely get the best price from us. Some factors that are taken in to mind when giving you a price is: Does the car have keys? , Does the car have a V5 document? , Does the car have faults?

    Why Should I Scrap My Car?

    Scrapping a car is one of the easiest ways that you can clear some space. Its so simple too we will guide you through the process. Get in touch to clear that non runner on your driveway. 

    Can I Scrap My Car Without Keys?

    We will collect your scrap car without keys but the scrap car price offered may be lowered due to the struggle that may come with moving the vehicle.

    car scrap yard

    Scrap Cars Wanted in any condition, Some are listed below;

    • Unwanted Cars
    • Mot Failures 
    • Accident Damage 
    • End Of Life 
    • Junk 

    Whatever the condition, we collect!  Get in touch with a local Romford specialist and get a great quote from us. 

    Call At: 01708 871590 for a free no obligation quote today!


    Collection on the same day, a time slot was given, a nice chap showed up. Paperwork and payment were handled quickly. Very good service. I recommend them highly


    Happy with the service and driver was very friendly and polite, also the recovery truck was with me an hour after the original call. I most definitely will be using their services again.


    Response to online inquiry was very prompt. The car was picked up at the arranged time/date. Very professional and friendly. I would recommend them to any scrapping a car.